25th Congress of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy“Dreaming with the Hands“

Toshio Kawai, IAAP President elect, Kyoto, Japan
“Dreaming with Legs: Transformation of Mandala in the East Asia from Meditation to Pilgrimage”

Beatrice Donald, CAST/ISST, Vancouver, Canada
“Dreaming of Loss – in Order to bear it”

Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, Pari,  Italy
“Mirror of the Present: Dreaming with Hands in the I Ging ”

Alexander Esterhuyzen, ISST president, Hongkong, China
“The <Sand> in Sandplay Therapy”

Judy Zappacosta, STA / ISST, Monterey, USA
“ Integrating Psyche & Soma: Sandplay Therapy and Embodied Consciousness”

 Anke Seitz, DGST / ISST, Tübingen, Germany
“Reshaping Fantasies – Overcoming Nightmares”                             

Lenore F Steinhardt, STA / ISST, Tel Aviv, Israel
“Sculpting sand in the sand tray to transform a troubled dream into a happy life”

Ruth Ammann, SGSST / ISST, Zürich, Switzerland
“Dreaming with the Hands, but what comes afterwards?”  

Jörg Rasche, DGST / ISST, Berlin, Germany
“The Ontogenetic Dance and the Algorithms of Mind”


Download Program

The program is now finalized and can be downloaded here.

Donation campaign

Appeal to all participants: We are planning to collect figures and sell them for little donations and give the money to a developing sandplaygoup in East Europe.

Please bring some figure of your collection and deliver it on the reception desk before Friday, September 6th, 2019 evening.

Important Dates

    • May 2, 2018
      Call for Abstract opens

    • August 1, 2018
      Online Registration open

    • December 31, 2018
      Deadline abstract submission

    • March 31, 2019
      Abstract Acceptance Notification

    • May 1, 2019
      Early Bird Deadline

    • September 5 - 9, 2019
      ISST Congress 2019



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